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 Blog-blog services assassin to the attention of the main Police Department

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PostSubyek: Blog-blog services assassin to the attention of the main Police Department   Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:17 pm

Blog-blog services assassin to the attention of the main police force. Even mentioned there are blogs that are already active since 2008. West Java Police Department and Metro Polda Jaya had formed a team to search the trail joint domain of the blog.

There are at least three blog which contains a call, quote, and receive services assassin. Three names blog namely, hitmanindonesia.wordpress*com,, and jasapembunuhbayaran.blogspot*com.

Of the three, only the blog site hitmanindonesia.wordpress*com which has been blocked and is no longer operational. But two other blogs are still operating. In the blog is indeed not outright accepting services assassin. But in the blog there is a video showing the story of a criminal.

While the blog indobelati.blogspot*com seemed clearly open offer services of murder. View this blog even looks sadistic. Seen one doll women with entrails terburai like human dissected. Here's the full content of the blog indobelati.blogspot*com

indo belati

Friday, may 20, 2011

We also offer services for those who have a grudge or a rival business to cut off briefly, the secret is assured and would not be uncovered. "Method of killing up to the Mr/Mrs. Can a direct shot (camouflaged with robbery), collision (such as sabotage the brakes), or poisoned with toxic tersamarkan (it will look like a heart attack), etc. ...Do not hesitate to contact us. secret secure order: indobelati@yahoo*com
We will reply your email within 24 hours

Want to exterminate Your political opponents? Or want to give Your boss a lesson that Miss? Do not hesitate to contact us. the secret is assured

We present to help, finish, complete all the problems of life. for those who have a grudge, for those who are facing a major problem, for those who want something, scenarios and role etc. ... Do not hesitate to contact us. the secret is assured

Service price depends of several factors like who your target audience and how to execute the target itself (based on consensus) and we will not tell you the info and technical in terms of execution victim of it in detail to you. only outline only, as this would result in, and concerned about the influence of mentransver on the berpontensi of your mental fallout later.

The target group are divided in four groups. officials, artists, businessmen and civil. In addition to the destruction services we also offer services of kidnapping to you. Sometimes these much-needed services in terms like pengintrogasian, however there are who have a grudge against type and want to let go of the desire either sexually or in any other way.

And you need to know all of these services are run by using our system, you are just wrong, and we receive very seriously with this service, so if you've been reading this blog post and maybe you've got the source from google/other enggine or perhaps seach ads advertising portals ... it shows how serious we are. We understand our job risk will be but we are more familiar with our mission. offer services of Assassin.

The Contents Of The Second:

Mercenary services for everyone
Subject: Assassin

Dear Mr/Mrs
With respect

We would like to offer you a special services, i.e. services of Assassin.

Maybe the Mr/Mrs to have a grudge against someone or had a rival business who wants to cut off briefly (most of our clients are entrepreneurs). Then we are ready to help the Mr/Mrs to commit this murder. And Mr/Mrs can rest easy because all the identity of the Mr/Mrs would always awake the secret.

We cater to large cities in indonesia. In carrying out an operation we need surveys the victim first. Long survey 3-7 days. Then we will do the action and immediately executes it.

Methods of killing up to the Mr/Mrs. Can a direct shot (camouflaged with robbery), traffic accidents (such as sabotage the brakes), or poisoned with toxic subtle (it will look like a heart attack).
About the cost. This will be adjusted to the level of difficulty and also engineering the killing. If you are interested, please contact email: indobelati@yahoo*com and leave your name, phone number, and what time you want on your phone.

Source : vivanews*com
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me too

PostSubyek: Check out this   Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:28 pm

Be aware of this :

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Blog-blog services assassin to the attention of the main Police Department
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